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April 11

April 11 weather prevented some cadets from making it to the meeting, the ones that did make it to the meeting, were given opportunity play with a drone.


On Tuesday March 26 The Red Wing Squadron responded to a call for help from the Red Wing Conservation Club. The Conservation Club House was in danger of flooding, five members responded by sandbagging the house. Between 1400 and 2000 we fill over 700 sandbags, this was greatly appreciated for the flood water did rise overnight to a level of 1 foot on the house.

Red Wing Squadron visits Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

The Red Wing Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron visited the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum in Granite Falls on Saturday January 12th.  Five senior members and two cadets received a tour of the facility with two other MN CAP squadrons. The Fagen Fighters WWII Museum is home to a pristine collection of fully operational, active aircraft and vehicles from World War II. Also featured are fine art, bronze sculptures, interactive multimedia displays, and an ever-growing library.

Some of the planes on display were a two P-15D’s, P-38J SCAT III, B-25” Paper Doll’, SNJ-4 and Fairchild PT-26.

The squadrons learned a lot about the heroes and planes that helped end WWII. The museum is a tribute to the men and women of The Greatest Generation whose incredible sacrifices during that time shaped the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. Their mission is to preserve the memory of the heroes of WWII, promote patriotism in today’s Americans, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders to study and apply history’s lessons.

At the end of the tour it was an honor to meet and talk with Mr Ron Fagan about the museum.