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Aliveo Museum Visit

On 04 Dec 2016, the squadron met at the Aliveo Military Museum, at 321 Bush St,  in Red Wing for a tour of the museum and aerospace education by Capt Johnson. The cadets, as well as many of the senior members, learned much about the military history of our country. It was a great learning experience and everyone enjoyed it.

The Aliveo Military Museum is part of the Aliveo Learning Center Inc. Our purpose is to operate and maintain this museum that will preserve and honor those that have served their country.

Our mission is to educate the public, especially the youth, about military history through the protection, preservation, and presentation of military artifacts. It is an important tool to teach our nation’s military history to school-aged children and the public at large. For as long as human history has existed, an essential part of society has been the recording of its past experiences. Military history is a component of that need, to record the passage of time and the role that the military has played in the story of our country.

The Aliveo Military Museum has a significant collection of military artifacts such as military pistols, rifles, edged weapons, uniforms, insignia, badges, flags, and equipment. The collection includes relics and artifacts from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War to the current Middle-East Wars. We even have a section on the Zulu/ British War.

Aliveo Museum 1 Aliveo Museum 2 Aliveo Museum 3

Red Wing Cadet Goes to the Air Force Academy

Congratulations to C/SRA Izaiah Laduke for receiving an appointment to the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.  Cadet Laduke will be starting this challenge as he enters the class of 2020 on 30 Jun 2016.

Cadet Laduke has earned a rare opportunity to participate in one of this country’s finest officer training programs.  This appointment is awarded to only about 1,200 of the 9,700 applicants.  Cadet Laduke’s accomplishments in the Civil Air Patrol, his school, and his life, have indicated his potential to meet the demands and challenges of the Academy.  This is quite an achievement for Cadet Laduke and a great honor for the Civil Air Patrol and Red Wing Composite Squadron.  Congratulations.

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C/1LT Brenden Kelly receives his wings


Congratulations to C/1LT Brenden Kelly for achieving his private . Under the outstanding training of Capt David Carlstom, Red Wing Composite Squadron flight instructor, C/1LT Kelly spent many months learning the secrets of flight and finally succeed on Saturday. Good job and congratulations.

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Wing and Squadron Activities

Upcoming Activities:
8-10 Apr – SAREX, Crow Wing Sq
9-10 Apr – Squadron Leadership School, St Paul Airport
22-24 Apr – Wing Conference
29 Apr-01 May – Encampment Prep School, Camp Ripley
6-8 May – ES Training, Whitewater State Park
20-22 May – BLACK CAP, Red Wing
23-30 Jul – Encampment, Camp Ripley.

There will be many activities to keep everyone occupied and provide great training. Cadets, if you have questions about these events, see your chain of command. Parents, please call me or 1Lt Oscar Nelson.

Stephen Wall, Captain, CAP
Commander, Red Wing Composite Squadron
Civil Air Patrol

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Red Wing Composite Squadron – Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Field of Honor 2016

Memorial Day weekend was busy for the airmen of Red Wing Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.  On Friday evening, the Group IV Honor Guard and cadets and senior members of Red Wing Composite Squadron 104 participated in the Field of Honor presentation at Bay Point Park.  The airmen escorted guests and posted flags on the to honor individual veterans.

On Monday morning, the brand new color guard for the Red Wing Squadron made its debut at the Memorial Day celebration.  The color guard participated in a mass presentation of colors, joined by color guards from the Army National Guard, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and other veterans groups.  Other airmen from the unit, both senior members and cadets,  also participated in the event.   Later that day, squadron airmen and family members assisted with the removal of the Field of Honor flags from Bay Point Park due to an impending storm.  Good work was done by all.

RWCS Field of Honor 1

Memorial Day 2016 RWCS Color Guard 2 Memorial Day 2016 RWCS Color Guard

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