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Sept 19 we had a fundraising event at the Annual Flood Run, we served Hamburgers, Brats and Hot Dogs. Fun time looking at all the motorcycles and a beautiful day .

Crop Duster

Sept 11 a Crop Duster was using the area in front of the CAP Hangar for their operation, cadets were given an opportunity to talk to the the pilot and look over the plane. The Crop Duster was seeding a cover crop of wheat in standing corn, this helps prevent soil erosion after the corn is picked.

Rocket night

Launching rockets that were constructed on Aerospace night, we also found so old rockets and engines in a closet in the hangar, cadets had fun just letting the go. Thanks Jim Leverton

Plane crash at Red Wing

Red Wing Squadron responds to plane crash, working with the Ellsworth Fire Department, NTSB, and Red Wing Aero, we were able to get clearance to move the wreckage and clear the runway for a jet that was being brought in with min fuel for maintenance that was 50 miles out. With the jaws of life and a winch we were able to get the plane up right, and the CAP Van dragged the plane over to the owners hangar and put the plane inside. No one was hurt, but the plane i understand was beyond repair. Thanks to Mike McMurtrey and David Carlstrom that were at the airport when this happen and were able to respond immediately .