Rocket day at Red Wing

On Aug 18 Capt Knox came to Red Wing to help launch the rockets the cadets had been building. Capt Knox explain what it was like to launch Minute Man Rocket during his military career. His knowledge of rockets was very useful, even the observers commented that they did not know why rockets weather-vaned into the wind.

River City Days

Red Wing Composite Squadron participated at River City Days, we had a booth at Levee Park Saturday and Sunday. Also on Sunday we helped out at the Red Wing Airport, this year we open the hanger and let kids see what we had to offer, the airplane was the most popular. Cadet Waldvogel manned the flight simulators, and Capt Grave monitored the airplane. Some of the CAP members got a ride in a Vietnam Era Huey over Red Wing, view of three River Boats at Red Wing was spectacular.


Red Wing has an ELT Find and observed Plane Crash

July 2, 2018

While a cadet was taking flying lessons, the instructor and cadet heard a ELT signal, they reported it and latter in the day Red Wing Squadron was requested to find it.

While the ground team was on the taxiway at Red Wing Airport, they witness an airplane in distress, and crash. The team provided assistance to the pilot, medical rescue, and law enforcement. They resumed the search for the ELT, upon discovery it was determined that the ELT had be going off for 3 days.

The crew return to the crash site and after the NTSB released the plane crash, they helped move the plane parts to a hanger for safe keeping.

Stanton becomes new squadron

On May 22, 2018

New Stanton Squadron

Several Senior members and cadets participated in the establishment of the Stanton Civil Air Patrol Squadron, a very rare event in the Civil Air Patrol as only a couple squadron are established in the United States a year. Stanton was started as a flight of Red Wing. After some discussion we were in support of a flight at Stanton Airfield because there is not enough youth getting involve in aviation, and area youth wanted a CAP cadet squadron program. Stanton Airfield was an Army Air Corp Cadet Training Facility during WWII, and a CAP Cadet Squadron would add to the nostalgia. The two squadrons built some lasting friendships. At the monthly commanders call in June, Stanton flight was identified as one of the fastest squadron in the region, with that Red Wing Leadership has been helpful with the fast growth. I would like to thank Lt Col Don Mikitta and Major Bob Cole for their efforts to support Stanton.

Stanton Flight Open House

On 30 Jan 2018, the Stanton Flight will be holding an open house to celebrate their one-year anniversary.  Please stop by and meet the cadets and senior members.

The open house will start at 1900 (7 pm).  The flight is located on the Stanton Airfield, 1235 Highway 19 Blvd, Dennison, MN.

Squadron Meeting – Thursday, 11 Jan 2018

Red Wing Composite Squadron 104

This Thursday, 11 Jan 2018, will be physical fitness testing for the first hour.  We will be using the new Cadet Physical Training Program guidelines. Following PT will be cadet training. The uniform of the day for cadets will be PT clothes and your BDU/ABUs. Senior members will be in BDUs/ABUs or corporate uniforms. Please look sharp and set the proper example for everyone.

At the end of the training (approximately 2030 (8:30 pm), I would like to meet with all members (seniors and cadets) and parents to discuss the future of the squadron for 2018. Please bring your ideas for the squadron and thoughts about what we can do to succeed in 2018.

The squadron meetings start promptly at 1900 (7:00 pm), so it is important that all members arrive at 1845 and be ready to go. If you cannot attend a meeting, please advise your chain of command.


United States Air Force Auxiliary – Civil Air Patrol Minnesota Wing – Red Wing, MN